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Composer and pianist Dr. Jenny H. Chou earned her Master of Music degree with high honors in both piano performance and harpsichord performance from Boston University in 1991. She then continued her studies at BU to earn her Doctor of Musical Arts degree in historic performance in 2004. Dr. Chou taught chamber music at Harvard University and harpsichord performance at Boston University, and performed as a pianist with Opera New England, as well as multiple choral groups in the States. Dr. Chou is a prominent Taiwanese composer whose works are widely performed across Asia, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Her compositions are frequently selected for choral festivals and competitions, and she also has several commissioned compositions across both the United States and Asia. In 2017, a consortium of five different choral organizations came together in Taichung, Taiwan to perform a showcase concert solely dedicated to Dr. Chou's compositions and arrangements. Some of Dr. Chou's most widely performed pieces and arrangements include "雪花的快樂 (The Joy of the Snowflake)", "城南送別 (Farewell, Farewell)", “望春風 (Longing for the Spring Breeze)", "答案 (Answer)", and "Old Irish Blessing".

畢業於國立台灣師範大學音樂系,美國波士頓大學鋼琴、大鍵琴演奏雙碩士,並取得波士頓大學藝術學院早期音樂演奏博士。和合唱世界擁有深遠歷史的周鑫泉,從大學期間便伴奏青韵合唱團與林福裕老師指揮的華南銀行合唱團。去國留美後,除了陸續在多所大學從事合唱音樂教育,參與音樂會、音樂季與舞台劇演出之外,且在2001至2009年間成為美國波士頓交響樂團附屬的 Tanglewood Festival Chorus 團員,並曾擔任美國 In Choro Novo 合唱團長達十八年的專任伴奏及其駐團作曲家。其音樂成就受到極大肯定,目前為波士頓兒童合唱團(Boston Children’s Chorus)及麻州 Weston Community Chorus 專任伴奏。除此之外,在美或在台亦經常受邀為不同團體及個人委託創作,並著有、出版多首合唱編曲及合唱、獨唱作品。

Jenny Chou,  周鑫泉


城南送別 for SSAA and piano 女聲四部

夜的流蘇 for SATB and piano 詩:顧蕙倩 國立成功大學校友合唱團委託創作 

聽見 for SATB and piano 詩:顧蕙倩 國立成功大學校友合唱團委託創作

康乃馨 Carnation, 詞:林煥彰, 曲:周鑫泉 ​印刷譜,電子譜開始發售.

Available for Unison Choir, Two-part Treble, SATB, SAB, SSA and TTBB with Piano accompaniment


康乃馨 Carnation, 詞:林煥彰, 曲:周鑫泉 

SATB and Piano

康乃馨 Carnation, 詞:林煥彰, 曲:周鑫泉 

童聲二部 Two-part Treble and Piano

Carnation 2-part trebleJenny H Chou